Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder


  • Records system sounds with ease
  • Tons of options and settings to adjust
  • Easy to use interface


  • Limited trial
  • Search feature buggy


Streaming Audio Recorder does exactly what its name implies. Record streaming and system sounds using Streaming Audio Recorder.

Capturing sounds from your computer isn't as straightforward as it should be. Maybe there's an audio clip from a video you'd like to use or if you'd like to record part of a song to turn into a ringtone. Streaming Audio Recorder makes it easy and allows you to record any sound your computer produces.

The first thing most people will do with Streaming Audio Recorder is try to record streaming music from programs like Spotify and Pandora. While recording these songs "over the air" is illegal, Streaming Audio Recorder will work and captured streaming audio just fine. Streaming Audio Recorder limits users to 128 kbps recordings, which is on the low end of acceptable audio quality. Streaming Audio Recorder can also pick up sounds from your mic, if you have one connected.

There is a built in music search feature, which pulls up tracks and artists. This feature didn't work for us as we were repeatedly given "403 Forbidden" errors. While this feature is nice, it seems like an afterthought and it seems to pull tracks from all over the internet.

The trial version of Streaming Audio Recorder is pretty full featured but has a couple of limitations. There will be a five second nag screen you have to wait through before using the app and using some of its other features. Users will also be limited to recording a maximum of 3 minutes and can only download one track at a time.

Streaming Audio Recorder works well for recording system audio but its music search and downloading features are little more than an afterthought.

Record streaming audio, radio or any sounds playing through computer's speakers or microphone.

Streaming Audio Recorder is the best audio recording software to record any sound coming through computer’s sound card or microphone and save audio file in popular formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA etc. It really does a good job in recording audio stream from Pandora, Spotify, Napster, Last fm etc, capturing online telephony conversation like Skype, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo messenger conversation as well as recording any live radio. In a word, what you can hear is what you can record to your computer. This handy software program enables you to download thousands of internet audio resources with great ease. Beyond that, it also features other accessible functions including powerful search engine, audio converter, editor, CD burner, CD ripper, ID3 tag editor and Scheduler. If you take advantage of Streaming Audio Recorder, you will find all these features bring great conveniences. For instance, the smart audio editor will play an important part in making your fashionable ringtones. The greatest differences of Streaming Audio Recorder from other similar ones on the market lie in its more advanced options. Say in a specific way, this app comes with many additional functions like CD burner, CD ripper and schedule tasks for new recording event etc. Apart from being served as audio recorder, it also meets your other requirements. You just get several tips for one piece of software.
Streaming Audio Recorder


Streaming Audio Recorder

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